fashion jewelry


What materials are used in Soirée by NY products?
All our jewelry is manufactured using genuine natural materials and other high quality substances. The metal is brass (or sterling silver if so noted). Plated finishes are real gold and silver with a protective coating for long-lasting wearability. Genuine mother-of-pearl, abalone and semi-precious gemstones feature prominently in the collections.
How should I clean and care for my Soirée by NY jewelry, and what is the best way to store it?
Do not use any detergents or abrasive materials. Polishing with a soft cloth will take care of most day-to-day cleaning needs. 
Does my Soirée by NY jewelry come with a warranty / guarantee? 
We offer a 1-year guarantee on the finishes and workmanship. Contact our customer service team with details should you encounter any issues, and we will work to get you a replacement or advise where to send your item for repair.
I am allergic to nickel. Can I wear Soirée by NY jewelry safely?
Yes. Our products meet all US and European standards for both nickel release and nickel content.


Is Soirée by NY jewelry sold in retail stores, or only through your website?
Soiree by NY jewelry is available on our website, and now, in our newly opened boutique in Hong Kong’s fashionable TST East shopping area. And our network of stores and affilates is gowing. You can find updates and more information from time time listed in the “Stores” section on this website.
How do you ship your jewelry, and how can I be sure it will arrive safely?
Depending on your country/location our means of shipping will differ. Generally we will send via recognized courier services or postal express to ensure safe arrival.
If I am not satisfied with an item received, can I return or exchange it?
You may contact customer service via our website if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase.
What should I do if my order arrives in a damaged or defective condition?
Any issue once you receive your package and inspect it should be referred to us via the customer service link on the website.
Can I cancel an order if it has not yet been shipped?
As long as the order has not been processed for shipment (usually within 48 hours) you may cancel.
Which countries can you ship to?
We ship world-wide to major destinations. You may check with us if you are uncertain whether we can ship to your location.
My country taxes imports of jewelry. Is the import duty included in your price?
In some major markets, for instance USA, there is a personal exemption up to a certain value for goods imported for personal use. Beyond this exempted amount however, or in a country identified in the ship-to address where there is no allowed exemption, or where taxes like a VAT must be paid upon import, these charges shall be the sole responsibility of the consumer as the importer of record. Import taxes are not pre-paid in your order amount.
How long will it take to receive my order?
If the item is in stock, we will process your order within 48 hours (to allow for global time zone differences). Actual transit time will vary by destination, but should not exceed 5-7 days.
How do I track my order once it has been shipped?
You will be provided with an online tracking link so you can track your package.
I wish to buy Soirée by NY jewelry as a gift. Do you offer gift wrapping service for shipments?
Sorry, but we do not offer this service at present.


If my Soirée by NY jewelry is damaged and needs repair, can you provide this service?
We offer a repair service in some markets – contact customer service for enquiries. If this is not available in your location, you may discuss replacement options with our team.
Do you design and create custom jewelry?
We do, but not one-of-a-kind. Our division handling custom designs works for the wholesale market, creating goods for major brands and retailers. You get the same high quality and expertise in every piece of Soiree by NY jewelry you purchase.